Each teacher at the studio warmly welcomes you and puts safety and form first, offering one-on-one assistance and direction.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Jody Fontaine, Director


Jody enthusiastically inspires her students towards their personal health and wellness. She supports each person in reaching their goals no matter what their health or physical abilities may be. Jody’s diverse training and experience in Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates benefit all who she teaches. Her trainings and certifications include:  AFAA Personal Trainer (18 years) and Yoga Certification through the Yoga Center Amherst/Embodyoga YTT/200hr with Patty Townsend. She is a registered member of the Yoga Alliance, and is also a Certified Pilates instructor with multiple trainings in that arena. She is currently enrolled in the additional 300 hr Embodyoga in depth study with Patty Townsend, Yoga Center Amherst, and will be completing this 2 year training in December 2017. 

As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Jody loves to be outside, active in nature through all four seasons.  Hiking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing & paddle-boarding are some of her activities.   This love has inspired her to offer seasonal  "Connecting to Nature" Yoga options, such as  "Hikes & Yoga" locally at Mt. Sugarloaf, "Yoga on Paddleboards" and a winter option "Yoga on Snow".  Jody has a special love and passion for Alpine skiing. She started as a three year old, and has been sharing her joy teaching the sport for the last twenty three years. Jody is a certified PSIA Level II Ski instructor. Her ability to analyze movement which ensures safety and enables her ski students to become skillful while having fun at all levels.  Jody has been seen doing Yoga on skis while gliding down the slopes. She challenges her more advanced students to refine their balance in this way, encouraging them to new levels of fitness and flexibility.

The birth of her granddaughter in 2010 sparked Jody's special interest in the birth process and inspired her to become a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (Birth Coach).  Her initial Doula training, enhanced by additional AFAA trainings for Prenatal Fitness, supports expectant mothers before, during and after giving birth through safe, gentle exercises to promote health and wellness throughout pregnancy and recovery.  This work allows expecting mothers to enter the birth process in the best possible condition and to regain fitness more easily after childbirth. 

Jody is also a Reiki master. She received her initial certification with Reiki master, John Harvey, the most experienced master in the West, and his wife Lourdes Gray. She continued her trainings with Reiki Master, Debra Basili, which brings her to her current Master level.  Jody offers private Reiki sessions, group Reiki circles and combines Restorative Yoga and Reiki Healing touch. This relaxing combination renews & restores the body for optimal wellness.  She also offers Reiki attunements and Certifications for Levels I, II & III.

Jody is available for private sessions in Yoga, Fitness, Pilates-Core, Reiki and ski instruction. 

Jody is eager to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals so that you can experience the joy of abundant health.                                         

Photo Credit: dimnikolov

Photo Credit: dimnikolov


(413) 325-5407


Shelly Damon Kocot


Shelly Damon Kocot is a graduate of Mama Nirvana's year long intensive 200 hour teacher training program.  She is also certified in Reiki (energy medicine) I and II.  Shelly practices yoga for her own health and spiritual growth, but delights in sharing her knowledge and techniques with her students.  Physical pain and discomforts are inherent in daily life.  They can cause us to feel run down, limited and discouraged.  The wisdom and daily practice of yoga recharges the body and soul.  Stretching (lengthening) the body carries oxygen to the brain and your muscles, promoting self-awareness and a feeling of relief. There is no better journey than to welcome the benefits of yoga into your daily life.  

Shelly brings humor, compassion and sincerity to all her endeavors.  She has worked one-on-one with clients for over 30 years as a licensed Electrologist and Aesthetician.  She enjoys helping people feel and look their best.  Teaching yoga is the perfect complement to her living goals and vocation --  encouraging and supporting others to radiate their vitality.



(413) 320-6026



Cynthia VonFlatern


Cynthia was introduced to Yoga when she was a student at Smith College and has participated for many years at local studios and with a home practice.  In 2014, she became a certified teacher through Yoga Center Amherst/Embodyoga YTT/200.   Completing this training confirmed for Cindy that Yoga can be a lifelong vocation.  Cindy is now enrolled in Embody Yoga's 500-hour training with expected graduation in December 2017.  Cindy teaches Wellness Yoga at her workplace and will focus on "gentle flows" in her Saturday morning classes.  Cindy is also a runner and hiker and will assist students wishing to combine these interests with Yoga.  Cindy has lived in South Deerfield for 28 years and invites her friends and neighbors to join her at Pure Yoga & Wellness Studio. 

Contact Kate (617) 669-4891       kbpeppard@gmail.com

Contact Kate P.  

(617) 669-4891      


Kate Peppard


I came to yoga seeking balance from a life that felt frenzied, chaotic, and very much out of kilter.  Upon immersing myself in yoga, I found the quiet inner space I was seeking and I fell fully in love with yoga and its inevitably balancing ways.  I have since embarked on a life path that has me working to fully integrate yoga, meditation, and detached self-study into my life, to live with intention, and to spread goodness.

This integrated life path led me to a yoga teacher training (what else, right?), and I completed my RYT 200 training under Tracy Donahue of Bhava Yoga in Brattleboro VT. The style was Bhava Flow, which is influenced and informed by a range of sources including Kripalu and Jivamukti yoga(s), and Shiva-Shakti tantric flow style.

I love the grace of flowing from posture to posture, but I also find the joy in holding steady and focusing in on alignment.  My sequences are generally planned to leave my fellow practitioners with a sense of balance and space, and throughout my practice and teaching there is always a focus on the connection of the breath with movement, which never ceases to create calm and deeper awareness.

Yoga is truly a life-long learning endeavor, and my yoga will always have something to teach me… And I appreciate the opportunity to share that with others.  I believe that yoga can be a life changer, a life enhancer, or simply a fantastic way to start your day. I look forward to welcoming anyone who wants to add a little lightness to their outlook, infuse a bit of balance into their life, or who just want to stretch and add some happy into their day.


Linda LeBlanc


Linda is currently studying for her 200 Hr teaching certification at the Frog Pond Yoga Centre in Princeton, MA under the direction of Diane Featherstone.  She is scheduled to graduate in January of 2018.

Introduced to Restorative yoga in 2014, she has found yoga to be most helpful in keeping her focused and grounded on a daily basis.  Linda is a lover of the outdoors and a strong advocate of staying active.  She is an avid biker during the summer, and certified PSIA level II ski instructor during the winter months.  She has worked with school-aged children for over 35 years. 

Linda is excited to offer fun and engaging yoga classes to school-age children that will encourage students to focus and center themselves through various breathing and visualization techniques.  Classes will help promote self-confidence, self-respect as well as respect for others, build strength and flexibility.  Offering age appropriate yoga games and partner and group poses. 


Contact Pam

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Pamela Burris


Pamela was first introduced to yoga at the Omega Institute in the early 1990’s while attending a weekend workshop. As an avid backpacker, hiker, and cyclist, she was drawn to yoga through her realization of how “stiff” she had become and a desire to “stretch” as a way of creating balance.  That ‘stretching’ gradually became Pamela’s recognition of a desire to go within to find space, greater insight and acceptance of self, and connection through the practice of yoga.  Pamela has practiced yoga for the past 25 years in the traditions of Ashtanga, Anusara, Shri, and EmbodyYoga. She obtained her RYT 200 hr training from Shri Yoga in 2014 and is in the process of completing her RYT 500 hr training through EmbodyYoga in Amherst. Her background as a holistic
nurse and experience with energy healing, meditation, nutrition, botanicals, and life and wellness coaching informs her daily life, teaching, and practice of yoga. She currently teaches wellness and complementary healing courses for nurses and students at UMASS Amherst.

Awareness and honoring of one’s unique self, with the recognition that we are all vibrant beings connected to a universal consciousness guides Pamela’s teaching of yoga. She brings this to her teaching of yoga by encouraging students to move with conscious awareness, engaging breath, inner and outer supports, and an attitude of playful inquiry. Pamela looks forward to teaching at Pure Yoga & Wellness. She delights in the opportunity to share her yoga practice with others seeking to unwind from the whirlwind of work, as well as with parents and school age children seeking to explore the magnificent world of connection found in yoga.

Brianna Lertora


Brianna was first drawn to yoga as a supplement to figure skating and dancing, and her love of fluid vinyasa classes is inspired by those foundations. Her love for yoga was further nourished during college as she realized what a great mechanism her yoga practice could be for stress management and self-care. She has now been practicing for nearly 10 years, and has found that yoga offers her a path of introspection in a chaotic world. She has experience teaching gentle, multi-level, and vigorous classes based on a mix of vinyasa and the Kripalu approach, and earned her 200 hour training from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA. 

Her yoga mat has become a "home" to return to throughout the years as life has brought her to new places and down varied paths. An avid traveler, she spent a year living in Ecuador, where she taught English, and Latin America is a place to which she longs to return. She also enjoys the outdoors, and finds a lot of inspiration for her teaching as well as her own practice in nature. 

She is currently enrolled in an accelerated nursing program at UMass Amherst, and is excited to blend the worlds of anatomy, Western medicine, and natural & alternative health in pursuit of a wholesome and balanced approach to wellness. She believes yoga is for every body, and encourages her students to create a practice that feels right for them.

She is thrilled to continue her teaching journey at Pure Yoga & Wellness and looks forward to sharing her practice with the local community. 

Contact Kate                    

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Kate Blair


Kate Blair (M.Ed, RYT 200) is a yoga instructor, Health & ESL teacher, body positive advocate and soccer coach. Kate teaches alignment-based yoga in a way that promotes courage, compassion and confidence, both on and off the mat. Kate's classes are designed to strengthen both body and mind using progressive sequencing, options for modification and a steady reminder to listen to the wisdom of your inner teacher. Kate enjoys working with yogis of all ages and levels of ability, particularly teens, teachers and athletes. Kate was among the first class of yoga teacher trainees at Adhikara Yoga School in Greenfield, MA, and offers deep, humble reverence to her many teachers, especially Molly Kitchen.

Contact Joyce (617) 921-8217    joyce.landau@gmail.com     

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Caroline Filler


I am a lover of movement and embodiment. My process of consciously bringing awareness to my embodied experience has deeply enriched and transformed my life, and my hope is to make space for others to explore their bodies as well. I became a certified Embodyoga 200-Hour Teacher in 2015, and am currently in the midst of a Body-Mind Centering Somatic Movement Educator training, in which I am studying anatomy through moving and feeling. Each body is a complex and individual spiral. My love is getting to know the exquisite tissues of which we are all formed.