Yoga Fitness    level-moderate   

Wednesdays: 8:30-9:45        

Instructor: Jody       



What a great way to begin your day!  Each class begins and ends with breath/body awareness,  allowing  time to check in, connect & settle.  After connecting to mind & body, we will warm up with Gentle flows & variations of Sun Salutations.  In this class you will take your time, being mindful of each movement of the body and how each movement generates from the core, focusing on proper form and alignment. This class blends Yoga postures, upper body strength training,  lower body sculpting, balance and mat core exercises using a variety of equipment, such as hand weights, stability balls, resistance bands and more. Each student is encouraged to honor their own fitness level and work at their own mindful pace.  Modifications are given to tailor each students individual needs.   Class ends with a gentle stretch & plenty of time to relax & renew in Savasana


Private Sessions

all levels

Instructor: Jody

Individual Yoga, Fitness and Reiki instruction are available by appointment.  Contact Jody Fontaine at (413) 824-9435 for more details.