Jody Fontaine, Reiki Master & Teacher        

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Jody received her initial Reiki Level I certification with Reiki Master John Harvey, the most experienced Master in the West, and his wife Lourdes Gray.  She continued her trainings with Reiki Master, Debra Basili, which brings her to her current Master level.  Jody offers private Reiki sessions or combines "Restorative Yoga" with Reiki healing touch. This combination of stress relieving practices renews and restores the body for optimal wellness.  She also offers Reiki certifications for Level I, II and III. As a Doula (Birth Coach) Jody offers Reiki during the birth process for the laboring mom to aide in relaxation and for those in need of comfort at end of life.

Call Jody to book an appointment, sliding scale fee is offered for those in need.

Focused restoration/relaxation session: 45 minutes $60.00

Full Body restoration/relaxation session: 60 minutes $65.00

Full Body restoration/relaxation session: 75 minutes $75.00  



Born 2 months premature and toxic from medications used prior to her birth, Betsy has been on a holistic path most of her adult life to help overcome life-long chronic symptoms.

Searching and experiencing many modalities with temporary results, she was introduced to Seimei in 1995. From the onset of her first experience with Seimei, her desire to learn more about this result-orientated healing art from Japan culminated in the first USA class in March 1997. This started her remarkable journey, helping many people to experience relief from countless conditions that limit ones ability to live their life fully. Symptoms tell us something is out of balance, and Seimei has the unique ability to find the origins of the imbalance within body systems.

Founded in Japan by Toshihisa Hiraki in 1947, Seimei is described as our vital Life Force, and Hiraki devised a system to awaken this force in others, as well as a curriculum to teach everyone how to use this unique ability in themselves.

During a session, the practitioner never touches the client, but is continually clearing out toxins and viruses that create stagnation and the beginnings of dis-ease, pain and stress in their body. Seimei works beautifully on a myriad of acute and chronic symptoms, as well as emotional trauma and stress, neck and back pain, and many times gives hope for those unable to get relief. Betsy extends her practice to end of life comfort and sessions for dogs, cats and horses.

Betsy has trained extensively with Nicola Bertolo, our Buddhist Hoju Monk and the Director of International Affairs in Morristown, NJ, is a Nationally Insured and Certified Practitioner since 1998. Betsy participated in the first class of USA students for Level lV in Japan, graduating in September 2018- her 17 th trip. She has served on the Board of The Seimei Foundation since 2011. Betsy loves to travel to Santa Fe to support members with advanced Practical, strengthening and deepening skills. She hopes to visit our new location in Washington State and graduate to Level V in 2020. 

Call Betsy to book an appointment, slding scale fee is offered for those in need.