~~ Outdoor Classes and Events ~~

Warmer weather is coming and we are just waiting for this lovely snow to melt and things to dry up before offering the "Sunset Hike & Yoga" and "Morning Hike & Yoga" at Mt. Sugarloaf.

                                               "CONNECTING SELF TO NATURE"
Being outside allows us to connect with nature and the beauty that surrounds us... it makes us smile and allows us to be in a more connected place from within ourselves.  This is why I offer outdoor classes such as "Hike & Yoga" , "Hike & Sunset Yoga" & "Yoga on Paddle-boards"!  Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or not, come try a class, feel the difference when you connect yourself to nature! Come join the fun, try something new, meet new friends, get outside and enjoy these beautiful days that are upon us.... it will make your heart sing !!